3 Errors

1. I was in Spain by accident: you jump the border without realizing it.
On the other side of the road, near a boulder, I saw a dowser: a man looking for a stream of underground water, with the help of a forked branch (a practice also known as
radiesthesia). He walked with solemnity. I wanted to stop and photograph him, but didn't know what to say or what language to speak: a mixture of shame and fear. I continued along the road with a feeling of loss and growing anguish, commensurate with the increase in the distance that separated us. I stopped: rehearsed my presentation to myself (bilingual, just in case). I went back to the road – near the boulder. He was no longer there. I never saw him again.

2. Mister António of Furnazinhas made the slingshots, with pita rope, for all the boys in the village. Some “boys” were now his age and still guarded and boasted about the quality of the slingshots, intertwined years ago with pita rope by Mister António.
I asked if he still knew how to throw stones with a slingshot. He said yes and smiled. I asked if I could photograph him throwing a stone. He said yes and smiled. I pointed the camera: the stone didn't go too far, not too tense, not too
accurate and Mister Antonio hurt himself in the back with the sudden movement. I didn't even get to photograph him.

3. I started working at night in a Kodak store a few months after my daughter was born. I saw a girl in a red dress with a pattern of flowers (I'm not sure what color it was, but I remember it was almond flowers). She gave me a black photo roll box and before I had time to know I opened it. It was a mechanical movement. Inside was not the case, but the film: unprotected, exposed, and now veiled and spoiled. She explained to me that a friend had to take the film out of the cassette, in a dark bathroom – I didn't understand why. And that her friend told her to let her know right away at the store not to open the box, otherwise she would ruin all photographs. She started to cry as she described the lost images. They were all from a summer vacation in a foreign country, near the sea. I remember the dress, but I don't remember which country it was.

Valter Ventura
for the "Erro" (Error) exhibition
atelier A Homem Mau
Lisbon, 2020